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artist 3D is a team of graphic designers and professionals, who provide a wide and complete range of services, by sharing their knowledge and expertise. artist 3D is constantly renewed through teamwork and continuous research on new technologies and new media.

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artist 3D aims to offer the widest range of products and services for your company, to render three-dimensional, in printing, packaging, video and digital services, up to a comprehensive communication campaign.

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Thanks to the skills of our employees and of our team, we satisfy all your needs. We offer high quality services coming across your reality.

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artist 3D of Andrea Lovallo

Via Toselli 15 | 20091 Bresso (MI)

Mobile: +39 333 6497896

Facebook: artist3d

Skype: andrealovallo

Linkedin: andrea Lovallo

VAT number  07671250962

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